Remodeling power and hand tools

Remodeling power and hand tools: The data included in the lists is in no way complete. It is a recollection of tools that I have and use on a regular basis. There are also tools on one list that easily fit onto other lists from other trades. It is assumed […]

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Acoustic treatment solutions for a mixing room

Acoustic treatment solutions for a mixing room: First you want to make certain that you have your listening position set up as an equilateral triangle to produce the best possible starting position. Your speakers/monitors should be placed at a starting position 38% from the front wall as a starting position. […]

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Concrete Slabs Sound Proof Acoustic advantage

Concrete slabs and where you place them: Question: “For the slab, is there a particular thickness that works best? is it the thicker the better?” Answer: The TL (transmission loss) of the floor does depend on thickness. But there are deciding factors that can determine the actual TL(transmission loss) of […]

Best place to build home studio or theater

Best Place to Build Home Studio: Once a person decides that the need for a high isolated and acoustically true recording or listening room is required the obsession can take over good reasoning. Trying to  find the absolute best place to build a home studio or theater can become an obsession. […]

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Four Aspects of Sound Isolation AKA Sound Proofing

Four Aspects of Sound Isolation: When it comes to sound isolation for your recording studio environment, you only need to keep four things in mind. Mass: The first line of defense in soundproofing Decoupling: Break the connections that sound vibrations use to get from one side of a wall to […]

Small room acoustics for recording or theater playback

Small room acoustics for recording or theater playback A typical small recording room is going to be made in a room available in the home. There are magnified acoustical issues with small rooms that are not issues at all with medium to large rooms, rooms of 1500 cubic feet or […]



Picking a Room Ratio: Golden or Optimized Ratios

Picking a Room Ratio: The vast majority of folks attempting to develop a well isolated acoustically correct room will stumble on a few phrases that often make the process of moving forward difficult. One of these phrases will be “room ratios”. Why even consider the dimensions of a room and how […]

Rotted Deck Repair 1

Rotted Deck Repair: Not the end of the World! In the Spring of 2012, we had a call about a pressure treated deck repair. Seems the deck, 12 feet wide and 16 feet in length, had been constructed so close to the ground that as the Seasons passed leaves from […]

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