Studio Construction

Sound transmission loss

Sound Transmission Loss of Masonry Walls “The most common alteration made to the walls in these tests is the addition of layers of finishing materials, most frequently gypsum wallboard (sheetrock). One might imagine that the addition of extra layers of material to a wall could only improve its performance; this is not necessarily true.” ir586 […]


Floor Isolation

Floating floor over concrete “I am going to build a wooden frame and put insulation in it and plywood on top for my home studio recording room. Everyone is doing it…Isn’t this a real floating floor?” I have seen this attempt to make a floating floor before. And some have wrestled sand into the frame […]


HVAC Baffles and Plenums

HVAC Recording studio air conditioning Baffle specific instruction “…you need to widen up your individual baffles to force the air to the side walls – as it is right not the air will just do a short pass around the very edge. It works So much better if you can come in (and out) through […]