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Acoustic Design for the Home Studio

Acoustic Design for the Home Studio – Mitch Gallagher

A very friendly and accessible read for the tough topic of acoustic design for the home studio. Mitch covers everything you need to make a great responding and sounding recording or acoustical listening environment. Starting off with just enough critical information to get you involved in understanding what is happening in respect to reflections and sound waves, amplitude, reverb time,modes, etc.

Several chapters are dedicated to studio design from scratch and taking existing rooms and making them as good acoustically as they can be. Most items discussed are “do it yourself” but some commercial grade product is mentioned with pictures as reference.

If you have a bedroom or garage, a dining room or shed or even an upstairs loft, Mitch Gallagher will walk you through the steps to creating a better sounding, better looking and more pleasing audible space.

If home theater is your wish then with Acoustic Design for the Home Studio you just apply what you read and learn in this 246 page book and you can design a critical listening room with a minimum of headache. It is easy to read and easy to learn basic but helpful acoustical treatments with this book.

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