Acoustic isolation / sound proofing

Soundproofing a home recording studio

Soundproofing on “Holmes on Homes”

This is a good example of what is called “isolation” and how to do it. Isolation is often confused with acoustical treatments. This has always been incorrect.

The sponsor is Quietrock(r) so thier product is used in this video. For your home theater or studio, standard sheetrock can be used with very good results.


Look closely as this video plays. After the sheetrock has been removed from the wall you can clearly see two(2) different stud framing sides to this wall. This is a simple “decoupling” technique that will give you a better rated wall then a simple one row stud framed wall.

isolated wall-2

What you have is a top plate and bottom plate of the same dimensions. Most likely they used a 2″ X 6″ (2 inches by 6 inches). Then you layout one side of the top and bottom plate for one row of studs. Then layout the opposite side for another row of studs.

This is a pretty good space saving method and the primary reason is to keep framing members from transferring sound vibration directly through the studs.


The cavity is filled of insulation. Although the insulation in this video looks like it is rockwool, standard residential insulation is often recommended and will perform splendidly.