Acoustical Separation floating floor

Floating floor over concrete

Floating walls and ceiling?
“If you excite the floor with sound, wouldn’t there be flanking towards other parts of the building? Normally you would float the floor and build the walls and ceiling on the floating floor to get total decoupling”

Is a Floating Floor Right For You? Answer: Probably NOT
“One of the most common assumptions people make about studio designs is that a floating floor is necessary to achieve the necessary amount of isolation (a.k.a soundproofing). “

Kinetics: STC/IIC Test Data: Floor and Ceiling Products
“Kinetics Sound Test Data for Architectural Products Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC)”

Floating floor over basement concrete
“One thing few cover on floating floors – rubber is a spring. Springs ONLY act like springs when they are NOT at the ends of their travel. When they ARE at the ends of their travel, they are NOT resilient at all, and could just as easily be THROWN AWAY. “

Glenns Isolated Drum Riser: Exploded View
“This drum isolation riser is intended to decouple a drum kit from the floor of the studio. It is designed with enough mass to be stable but floats on a layer of rigid insulation or other types of isolation pads.”