Acoustics and Construction

Acoustics and Construction reference manuals and other music studio related data

Cloud Based TECHNICAL Documents Acoustic and Construction related full PDF files. These files are freely available by the Authors, but are located all across the Internet. I have consolidated the ones that I have read over the years that have proven to be important as a construction and acoustics consultant.

Cloud based repository of documents sure to deliver the information you require to get your job completed. From the foundation to the thermal break, the exterior facade or the roof venting, vapor barriers or concrete slabs or cement blocks, we got you covered.

124 documents in all, written by some of the foremost authorities in their selected field, covering everything from the acoustics of small rooms (9 documents), to how to insulate against traffic noise (1).

Acoustics and Construction

Acoustical Treatments

Acoustics and Architecture

British Broadcasting Corporation(bbc)

Electrical and Audio wiring, grounding and other electrical and audio wiring considerations

Concrete Slabs Construction

Flanking Floors and Facades

AbbeyRoad Acoustic screen specs and the acoustical 3 leaf explained

Polystyrene, brick and Isolation block transmission loss, Sheetrock transmission loss data, sound rated partitions

Isolation clips, hat track and acoustic decoupling systems

Noise and Vibrations – Structural Dynamics and Vibration in Practice

Vapor Barriers, Roof Venting and Moisture Barriers and moisture retarders

Small room acoustics – Optimum Ratios and Listening conditions

Control room Speaker Placement and Configuration

Metal Stud framed acoustic partitions

Wood framed structures span charts, Isolation