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BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

“This section lists all BBC RD Reports published from 1940 to 2010”

RD 1984/3: The acoustic design of Outside Broadcast vehicles. E.W. Taylor
“A review is given of the acoustic design of outside broadcast vehicles in terms of the constraints implicit in the use of road vehicles. A new design of vehicle wall construction is described, the provision of sound absorbing material suitable for use in small enclosures is discussed, and particular factors involved in utilising large (articulated) vehicles are mentioned.”

RD 1989/02:Control of audible effects of ground vibration in building structures.
“The achievable isolation of a studio-like structure was limited to a maximum of about 25 dB at all frequencies, for a single-stage system.”

RD 1992/08:Low-frequency room responses: Part 1
“The problems inherent in the reproduction of high-quality sound in relatively small rooms are discussed. Methods of predicting the inevitably uneven low-frequency response from source to listener or microphone are also discussed. It is concluded that, even with perfect prediction methods. there would still be some compromises which could only be resolved by making subjective judgements.”

RD 1992/09:Low-frequency room responses: Part 2
“The development of a relatively simple method for predicting low- frequency responses for near-rectangular rooms based on the summation of modal responses and their coupling coefficients for the source and receiver positions is outlined.”

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