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Building the Home recording studio

Building the Home recording studio – Jeff Cooper

Get it done and get it right!

Great introduction to the complexities involved in the audio recording environment. Mr. Cooper has a very easy way of making the difficult read easy. A lot of information is packed into this fine manual, enough to satisfy an introductory or beginner level home recording studio builders needs.


Many areas are deep enough to be satisfying when building a home recording studio. Sketched pictures are included that are helpful but go into no depth for the reader to achieve some of the construction designs. To his credit, Mr. Cooper does read his email messages and did get back to me on a question that I had. Plus one!

It is a well written and valuable book that should be part of any builder who is thinking about or has already been through the process of building the home studio or a home theater as well.

If you are well versed in construction and have an above average grasp on isolation techniques and treatments involved in taming standing waves, flutter and room interference, you may not need this information. Could be that just reading every article on will have been enough for you.

If you are starting out gathering information to develop a quality recording studio, then you should start with Jeff Coopers’ book, “Building the Home Recording Studio“.

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