Sheetrock transmission Loss

Sheetrock transmission loss in wall assemblies

Sheetrock transmission loss data IR 761
“Results of sound transmission measurements to show ability to reproduce the same results after a complete specimen rebuild. The upper curves are data for the nominal STC 57 wall while the lower curves are for the nominal STC 46 wall.”

Noise Isolation Provided by Gypsum Board Partitions
With the exception of partitions built with single wood studs without resilient furrings, there is an approximate 5 point STC rating increase each time the gypsum boards are doubled on either side of the partition. At low frequencies, the transmission loss is increased by about 5 dB for every doubling of the gypsum boards on one side of the partition.

USG The Gypsum Construction Handbook
“Outlines methods for matching systems to specific performance criteria. Covers fire and sound criteria, wood and steel partitions and sound control systems. Specialty systems include area separation walls, cavity shaft walls, fireproofing, curtain wall/fire containment systems, thermal insulation, air water and vapor control.”