Soffit Mounted Monitors

Speakers mounted in soffits or in the wall

“Speakers have two theoretically ideal working conditions. The first is if its radiation space is into a full space (spherical radiation) or into a half space (hemi-spherical radiation). To achieve ideal full space conditions the speaker needs to be small compared to the radiated wavelength. Because the speaker front baffle is small the higher the frequency the smaller the radiation angle will be.”

Soffit Mounted Monitors
“I’ve had clients who know their speakers really well and when they hear them soffit mounted they look at me with amazement!!”

Wall mounted speakers? Not approved.
“The idea might come from some big studios that you see them mounted IN the walls. This is fine, but doing soffit mounting is a pro job. There’s a lot more to it than just building a little shelf in the wall and mounting it flush.”

Soffit mounting speakers for Mastering
“Now, when you take a free standing speaker and flush mount it, you force ALL wavelengths to radiate in the forward hemisphere. This results once again in a 6dB response mismatch, only this time it’s heavy in the bass.”

“If a speaker is placed near a wall, at low frequencies the wall will start to behave as an extension of the speaker baffle, and this will cause a boost in the bass level.”

Concrete Block Stands
“Studio Monitor Stands on Wooden Plank Flooring – Decoupling”

Soffit mounting of Genelec 8050?
“If I were going to attempt to flush mount those, and didn’t want to pay so much, here’s what I’d try – Build the soffit enclosure and leave a cutout larger than the largest speaker I’d ever plan to install. “

soffit mounting ATC scm 50 speakers
“I want to soffit mount my atc scm 50 s they are active so i understand they will need some air around the back for the amps”

Soffit Simulation Tests
“Whether a soffit-mounted monitor system is provided, or whether the speakers are placed on stands in the room at carefully chosen positions is really a matter for prayer.”