Sound proof window plug

How to build a window plug and stop sound leaks

This is a good fit as to the importance of doors and windows.

After all is said and done, windows and doors are part of the vertical few that are the biggest sound leak areas your recording and home theater construction will suffer at.

What the video presents is good general purpose information as it relates to sealing up windows and doors to prevent sound or air leakage. It at least gets the builders mind on the idea! And this is an important mind set to develop. It shouldn’t be thought of along the way, it should be ever-present.

Acoustic caulking at the floor / bottom 2X4 of the wall(plate), putty packing on all electrical boxes, as few as possible penetrations into your walls as can get by with, sealing windows and heavy thick entry doors, preferably with handles and NO holes drilled into them.

These are the things that whittle away at isolation!

And these are the items you, as the builder of a sound proofed or well isolated room or project room should be ready to deal with, as you are doing it, not as an afterthought.