Sound transmission loss

Sound transmission loss

Sound Transmission Loss of Masonry Walls
“The most common alteration made to the walls in these tests is the addition of layers of finishing materials, most frequently gypsum wallboard (sheetrock). One might imagine that the addition of extra layers of material to a wall could only improve its performance; this is not necessarily true.”

ir586 – Sound transmission loss thru block
“Sound Transmission Loss Measurements Through 190 mm and 140 mm blocks with Added Drywall and Through Cavity Block Walls”

A Simple model of the sound insulation of gypsum board on resilient supports
“A simple model is developed to explain the effects of adding resilient channels to a rigid double leaf wall or floor system. The surface layers mounted on resilient channels are treated as a vibration isolator with a fundamental resonance frequency determined by the combination of the stiffness of the resilient channels and the stiffness of the air cavity along with the masses of the surface layers.”

Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms

Residential Steel Framing: Fire and Acoustic Details
“Cold-formed steel has been widely used in commercial buildings, especially in non-load bearing (partitions) and curtain wall applications. Cold-formed steel sections are increasingly being used as primary structural members, such as beams, floor joists, and load-bearing walls in commercial and residential construction.”

USG Installation and Application Guides

“Sound control refers to the ability to attenuate or absorb sound passing through a partition, floor or ceiling assembly. Depending on the function of the space, acoustical needs can be broken down into sound control between spaces, sound control within a space, and listening efficiency within a space. Performance ratings for sound control allow construction of wall, floor and ceiling assemblies that complement the purpose of the space.”

A Study of Techniques to Increase Sound Insulation of Building Elements
Wyle WR 73-5R (3 leaf panel)

“The principals and techniques that pertain to the design of building elements providing high values of sound transmission loss at low cost are presented.”

Triple leaf data
“in october or so we had discussed some triple leaf tests to be presented to these forums.”